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Sunday, November 09, 2008
Marry Me My heart beats to a set pace, then I see you and it'll race. The flush of the face as you glide by my place. I dare not tell you not even a trace, of the emotions that stir deep down. Guess thats why I wear such a frown? The fear inside is so profound, yet its silly to let it get me down. My mind's thoughts are filled of you, the one who makes me so blue. Or is it me that holds back desires, then I see you and feel on fire. What is this emotion and what is it called, that causes the voice and the heart to stall? Lust or love or silly desires or even a dream of what can't be found higher? The animal inside clawing to fullfull, the reason why I take a spill. I should just tell you and end it all, then I wouldn't be able to feel the call of a desire that sets me a fire so I leave it this way to look forward to a rush in my day. Therefore I play with emotions of anticipation and look forward to your passing my plantation. Then when I'm content with my daily tease, I walk up and fall on one knee. Asking... "Will you be my wife?"
Katherine & Terry    
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